ROVI Glitch Gate (PvE META) Airdrop Details

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3 min readSep 6, 2022

Attention all Rovi Oracles! We’re thrilled to announce that the next META drop is coming and it will bring us closer to the ultimate end game vision of a fully deployed distributed Roviverse in Decentraland 🔥

A month or so ago the community was informed through the LIVE community calls and in the 4th ROVI Update blog post that the Glitch Gate PvE META airdrop was coming soon. Also, details on the qualifications for being dropped a higher level Glitch Gate were presented, giving the community of Oracles the opportunity to meet these specifications before the snapshot occurs.

Those qualifications and the resulting level of Glitch Gate are below:

The official time frame for the Glitch Gate snapshot for ROVI Oracles is 1am UTC on September 8th, 2022. Once the snapshot is completed, no additional actions will be required on behalf of recipients to receive or claim the META NFT airdrop.

Why The Glitch Gate META Matters

This META generates LUBE for the Land & Meta owners. Glitch Gate spawns one Glitch enemy rival per gate on a Land.

Higher level Glitch Gates are capable of spawning higher level Glitches in PvE combat, enabling them to host a wider variety of enemy difficulties for Rovi Operators to battle against.

Players will need to digitize a Rovi at a Hologram META and then click the Glitch to begin attacking or get nearby a Glitch for your Rovi to auto attack.

Players can complete challenges in PvE to earn LUBE, and DXP if they are a delegate.

Future ROVI META Drops

To not miss out on future META drops, be sure to join our discord community where we continually discuss development progress and host weekly community calls. Also, if you’re interested in becoming a Rovi Oracle to receive FREE allocation of future METAs when they are released, refer to this article to learn how:

2 Additional ROVI Drops To Prepare For

  • PvP Arena: Enter in 3v3 Player vs Player combat against opposing Rovi Operators to earn $GRZ
  • Rovi Replicator: Use your existing Rovies to combine AI Codex’s to generate new Rovies ready for battle

About Rovi

Rovi is a PFP project of 10,101 unique battle bots that are playable in the metaverse running on the Polygon network. Each bot comes from MetaZone that has built a procedurally generated engine to make each bot random and unique. Rovies can battle each other to earn tokens in Decentraland and also play in the Polygon powered RoviMatrix! MetaZone is a platform that has enabled any creator to make their own 10,000 procedurally generated 3D NFT characters right from the platform and all characters will exist on the Polygon network

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Rovi ai

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