ROVI Meta Drop Analysis Series #1 of 7 (Reinforcer)

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4 min readMar 17, 2022

Welcome back Rovifam! The wheels are starting to move quickly and we’re on our way towards the glorious Rovi P2E game release in the metaverse. It’s all starting with the Reinforcer META drop which is in the process of being distributed to Rovi Oracles. In this article we wanted to break down in more detail what the implications of this META are. What is the Reinforcer? What does the Reinforcer do? These questions and more will be covered 👇

What is a Reinforcer META?

The Reinforcer is the first drop of a 7 part series of META drops that once completed, will together set the foundation for the ROVI Distributed P2E (Play to Earn) ecosystem in the Decentraland and Rovimatrix metaverses.

All METAs in the Rovi ecosystem will have coded functionalities to them that serve specific game functions needed for player engagement. In the Reinforcers case, each Reinforcer META will be used by Rovi Operators to “reinforce” their Rovies which will increase their impact-fullness in the ecosystem.

How Will it Work?

Rovi Owners will consume off-chain Loot Materials called Power Cores and Metal Hedrons, plus on-chain $GRZ tokens to activate the Reinforcer META upgrades. These Loot Materials will be found in PvE (Player vs Envrionment) battle arenas by defeating glitches and potentially be rewarded in PvP (Player vs Player) when defeating opposing Rovies in battle. Both PvE and PvP arenas will be “Metafied” meaning the community will host these battle grounds so long as they own or are delegated these METAs for deployment.

GRZ Token and In-game Loot Materials used to Reinforce

Once the Reinforcer META is activated, the user will select a Rovi which will be reinforced with upgrades. These upgrades will serve to increase a Rovies ability in combat and thus increase their yield earnings by defeating their enemies in PvE and PvP more efficiently. This will be a critical component to any Operators game experience so all Rovi Owners will need to consider these upgrades when it comes to optimizing their assets performance.

Rovi Stats Display

META Economics

The Reinforcer META is categorized within the ROVI ecosystem as a “Smart META”, meaning it is a revenue generating tokenized asset that owners can earn yield from by deploying and hosting the content in the metaverse. These types of assets are supported by MetaZones payment split technology that allows multiple parties involved in the production, distribution, and hosting of content to be properly compensated for their involvement.

It is likely the Reinforcer will host a revenue split of 25% to the landowner, 25% to META owner, 25% to ROVI Treasury, and 25% to the MetaZone platform. This means any $GRZ spent to activate the META upgrades will be automatically allocated to the above parties.

For an overview of the overall Rovi Economics and how $GRZ tokens can be earned by participating in the ecosystem, refer to this article:

Future ROVI META Drops

To not miss out on future META drops, be sure to join our discord community where we continually discuss development progress and host weekly community calls. Also, if you’re interested in becoming a Rovi Oracle to receive FREE allocation of future METAs when they are released, refer to this article to learn how:

6 Additional ROVI Drops To Prepare For

  • Hologram: Allow Rovies to spawn and roam on your LAND
  • Assimilator: Craft Weapons that Rovies will use in battle
  • Fabricator: Craft Accessories to improve Rovies
  • PvE Arena: Deploy your Rovi to battle against enemy glitches to earn Loot, XP, and $GRZ
  • PvP Arena: Enter in 3v3 Player vs Player combat against opposing Rovi Operators to earn $GRZ
  • Rovi Replicator: Use your existing Rovies to combine AI Codex’s to generate new Rovies ready for battle

About Rovi

Rovi is a PFP project of 10,101 unique battle bots that are playable in the metaverse running on the Polygon network. Each bot comes from MetaZone that has built a procedurally generated engine to make each bot random and unique. Rovies can battle each other to earn tokens in Decentraland and also play in the Polygon powered RoviMatrix! MetaZone is a platform that has enabled any creator to make their own 10,000 procedurally generated 3D NFT characters right from the platform and all characters will exist on the Polygon network

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Rovi ai

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