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3 min readOct 24, 2022


Attention ROVI Testers! We are in need of your services 🛠️

We are in the final stages of rolling out the long-awaited challenges and DXP system for spectate-to-earn. Before we can deploy the DXP earnings, we need to test out the challenge features and be sure to eliminate as many exploits as possible.

We strongly encourage the community to engage and participate during this beta period to increase the probability of identifying bugs to fix which will result in a better fully launched product. To participate in this trial period you must have Rovies in your dashboard account.

Important Note: During this ROVI challenges public beta period no LUBE or DXP will be distributed, challenge DXP + LUBE rewards will be available tentatively by Oct 27th

When you check in with your Rovies in Decentraland, you will notice a new Daily Challenge interface display on the bottom side of the screen

There are three levels of challenges you will be tasked to complete.

  • The top row challenge corresponds to the “easy” difficulty level which requires interacting with 40+ Rovies within a 24 hour time span
  • The middle row challenge corresponds to the “medium” difficulty level which requires digitizing at 20 different Hologram locations
  • The bottom row challenge corresponds to the “hard” difficulty level which requires consecutively digitizing 12 times in a row without missing an interval (after 10 minutes of no Rovi interaction, you will un-digitize and fail the challenge)

As you progress through these challenges you will see banner popups on the top of the screen giving you your current challenge status. The three bars on the Daily Challenges UI Display will also fill up over time as the challenges you are working on progress, giving you the information needed to assess how close you are to completing the entire challenge set.

Please report any bugs encountered to the team during this trial period. The best place to reach out for reporting is the community discord.

About Rovi

Rovi is a PFP project of 10,101 unique battle bots that are playable in the metaverse running on the Polygon network. Each bot comes from MetaZone that has built a procedurally generated engine to make each bot random and unique. Rovies can battle each other to earn tokens in Decentraland and also play in the Polygon powered RoviMatrix! MetaZone is a platform that has enabled any creator to make their own 10,000 procedurally generated 3D NFT characters right from the platform and all characters will exist on the Polygon network

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Rovi ai

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