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Greetings Rovifam! It has been a while since we’ve published a written update, but if you’ve been keeping up with us during our weekly discord community calls, you’re well in the loop with development progress and all the advancements we’ve been making. Most of the development around the last couple of months has been centered around the release of a functioning Hologram META. The Hologram is foundational to the Rovi game functioning in the metaverse by allowing the digitization of everyone’s unique ROVI.

With these new exciting abilities, we’ve been able to initiate the testing stage to the overall ROVI economics by deploying a new earning model exclusive to metaverse participants called Spectate-to-Earn. Below are the recordings from the community calls over the last several weeks where we discuss in detail all of these developments. Collctively, these videos are more than 6 hours of content, so if you plan to watch them all so you can catch up on ROVI happenings, grab yourself a few buckets of popcorn 🍿

Shared Multi-player Experience for ROVI Enabled with Hologram META Deployment

The Beginnings of Spectate to Earn

Community Assembling ROVI Distributed P2E

Forward Outlook for ROVI Development

For those not wanting to go that deep down the ROVI rabbit hole and watch all our previous calls, below is a written breakdown of the critical development milestones over the last couple of months. Starting from the Hologram META to the activation of Spectate-to-Earn and now the newly releasd Fabricator META 🔥

What is a Hologram META?

META Link:

The Hologram META functions to enable Rovies to exist in the metaverse in a shareable experience that is necessary for multi-player activities to occur. It does this by allowing Operators to visualize their own Rovies so long as the Hologram is installed on the land they are on. The backend technology used to facilitate this display is also responsible for allowing for persistency to occur between users. This means if I deploy my own ROVI, anyone within the vicinity is able to encounter it as well.

This technology is so important especially in the metaverse as it introduces a whole new layer of player interactivity that doesn’t exist natively in Decentraland. To explain this further, what you typically see in your experience when traversing DCL isn’t mirrored with other players around you. For example, if you and a friend have your avatars waiting side by side for an elevator platform to reach ground level, the arrival of this platform isn’t synced between the two players. This means you will both take the ride up at separate instances of time, breaking the persistency that is critical for multi-player experiences.

With Rovies becoming shareable between players, we now have the foundational technology to introduce more multi-player gameplay elements into the Rovi metaverse ecosystem. We have begun this by introducing our Spectate-to-Earn gameplay reward mechanics to the existing ecosystem that is deployable from the Hologram META hosts. This will introduce alpha versions of off-chain tokens into the ROVI ecosystem that overtime will lead us toward the launch of Rovies Distributed Play to Earn on-chain economy.

If you are a ROVI Oracle you have been allocated your Hologram META a while back during our airdrop distribution event on March 24th. 72 were minted and allocated to Oracle Operators, the remaining 28 have been sold meaning the initial release of the first 100 Holograms are out of stock. It will be important if you own one of these METAs to install or delegate them to land in Decentraland in order to participate and earn. The more participation we can get from the community, the better our testing of economic assumptions will go during this alpha stage which will lead to better economic outcomes in the future. To those META Owners and ROVI Operators who participate in Spectate to Earn, your contributions are greatly appreciated and will be rewarded.

What is Spectate to Earn?

The metaverse is host to an abundance of opportunities when it comes to developing micro-economies that incentivize participation and engagement. We want to leverage these opportunities when thinking about how to design and implement the ROVI ecosystem. ROVI is more than just a game in construction to us. We believe the ecosystem should reward activity in a broader range of activity then just those participating in the hack n slash gameplay elements you’d expect from a typical play-to-earn game. The metaverse allows us to facilitate more social activities between participants so we intend to encourage this behavior through our token incentive mechanics.

When interacting with a Hologram META in Decentraland, an Operator will begin the digitization process to summon their Rovies. By introducing the Rovi into the metaverse you are actively participating in the ecosystem and thus, a reward distribution of off-chain tokens called LUBE is awarded after an incremental time period.

How Will Hologram META Spectate to Earn Work?

The mechanics behind how to participate in spectate-to-earn are simple. Rovies love LUBE and need it for their mechanical components to function without fail. By digitizing your Rovies and interacting with them while in the metaverse, the Operator will be mining LUBE. The process to mine LUBE is broken down 👇

  • Interact with a Hologram META by clicking on it to digitize your Rovi (sign metamask)
  • Once your Rovi is digitized and visible in Decentraland, a 10 minute timer will begin to count down
  • After the timer completes, you will need to find your Rovi and interact with it to receive the auto distributed LUBE tokens
  • You should see the LUBE icon above your ROVI increase to the amount earned and the 10 minute timer reset and begin counting down again until the next LUBE allocation
  • You will see your expected $GRZ earnings as you accumulate more LUBE
  • Every 24 hour period $GRZ will be distributed based on LUBE holdings of the day
  • Go to the ROVI Dashboard at to claim your GRZ tokens after these 24 hour periods
  • To increase your LUBE earnings throughout the day, click on the ROVI icon at the bottom right of the Decentraland UI to bring up a list of locations you can visit. When digitizing for the first time at these locations, you will receive double the allocation of LUBE. The best strategy is to visit as many locations and interact with their Holograms at least once.


What will these tokens be used for? LUBE will act as the metric that determines which actors within the ecosystem have participated the most during a 24 hour time period. With this information, a $GRZ token allocation can be distributed accordingly, ultimately rewarding the most active participants.

During these early stages of Spectate to Earn, the $GRZ distribution rate will be simplified to 1 $GRZ per 10 LUBE acquired. Eventually the distribution of $GRZ will be determined based on challenges and more heavily allocated toward top earners of LUBE.

Once PvE and PvP METAs are released, LUBE will be an essential component to activating game modes that will allow players to participate in the more combat focused elements of the play-to-earn ecosystem.

What to do with GRZ

Eventually, the $GRZ token will be the backbone in-game currency supporting the ROVI Distributed Play-to-Earn economy. $GRZ will serve utility in the Fabricating, Assimilating, Reinforcing, and Replicating processes. All of which will play essential roles in the overall economy.

During these early stages where spectating is the only way to receive $GRZ allocation, the utility will be for upgrading Hologram METAs and crafting accessories in the Fabricator META.

Hologram METAs range from level 1 to 20. The level display of a Hologram can be seen on the badge indicator that rests above the spinning Rovi.

So what is the incentive to spend $GRZ tokens to upgrade a Hologram? With each level increase will result in the allowance of digitizing one additional ROVI on the land that Hologram is being hosted. This will be essential to Hosts looking to create experiences that attract a large Operator population. The higher level your Holograms are the more ROVI activity can exist on your property.

Fabricator META

The Fabricator META was just released during yesterdays community call. ROVI Hosts all over Decentraland are currently in the process of deploying them on their lands. So what will the Fabricator do?

This META will enable ROVI Owners to craft Accessories and Wearables for their Rovies. This will not only add even MORE uniqueness to a ROVI but also enhance their battle characteristics which will aide them once deployed in PvE or PvP arenas. $GRZ tokens in combination with Loot drops from killing enemies in PvE will be used to craft these assets. This makes the Fabricator a revenue generating Smart META due to the built in split contract that will allocate a portion of the transaction costs to the META owners themself.

To make this META even cooler and ultimately more valuable, we have long term plans of opening Rovi Accessory creation to the community by launching a creator tool 3D modelers can utilize. This will allow for custom creation of wearable assets where mint counts can be determined and auto generated battle stats for each accessory.

Future ROVI META Drops

To not miss out on future META drops, be sure to join our discord community where we continually discuss development progress and host weekly community calls. Also, if you’re interested in becoming a Rovi Oracle to receive FREE allocation of future METAs when they are released, refer to this article to learn how:

4 Additional ROVI Drops To Prepare For

  • Assimilator: Craft Weapons that Rovies will use in battle
  • PvE Arena: Deploy your Rovi to battle against enemy glitches to earn Loot, XP, and $GRZ
  • PvP Arena: Enter in 3v3 Player vs Player combat against opposing Rovi Operators to earn $GRZ
  • Rovi Replicator: Use your existing Rovies to combine AI Codex’s to generate new Rovies ready for battle

About Rovi

Rovi is a PFP project of 10,101 unique battle bots that are playable in the metaverse running on the Polygon network. Each bot comes from MetaZone that has built a procedurally generated engine to make each bot random and unique. Rovies can battle each other to earn tokens in Decentraland and also play in the Polygon powered RoviMatrix! MetaZone is a platform that has enabled any creator to make their own 10,000 procedurally generated 3D NFT characters right from the platform and all characters will exist on the Polygon network

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