ROVI Update #4 | Fabricator Utility Drop | Hologram META Opening | Glitches are Coming!

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6 min readAug 5, 2022


Greetings RoBros and RoGals! We have been hard at work executing the milestone objectives necessary to bring the first Distributed Play-and-Earn ecosystem to the metaverse.

Our last ROVI update article published back in June focused on the ecosystem launch of Spectate-to-Earn, which was enabled by activating delegation and Rovi management features available on the Dashboard. This initiated the start of the Free-to-Play-and-Earn economy by expanding the ecosystem to non-asset owners seeking to participate. Since the launch of Spectate-to-Earn, the ROVI community has grown rapidly even during this alpha stage, proving our assumptions that play-and-earn experiences are high in demand among native metaverse users.

Now that there is an active delegate player community participating and earning in-game resources (LUBE and GRZ), we’ve been focusing on improving the overall ecosystem by identifying potential exploits in the reward mechanics. Along with that, working toward closing the economic loops by introducing GRZ sinks for owners and delegates.

This momentum we are generating is what drives the motivation behind executing the ROVI Project. We strongly believe that ROVI will usher in a new paradigm to the metaverse experience and as a result, onboard the next generation of developers looking to replicate the ecosystem model ROVI is pioneering.

The best way to stay up to date on development progress is to attend our weekly Discord community calls. Every Thursday at 10pm UTC we go LIVE in Decentraland to discuss all things ROVI and to showcase new features, game content, and as of lately…new amazing Glitch models 🔥

Below are the recordings from the community calls over the last several weeks where we discuss in detail all of our latest developments.

LUBE Exploits Found and SQUASHED

ROVI Ecosystem Value Flows Mapped Out

ROVI Roadmap Published and GLITCH REVEAL

ROVI Docs Published and Glitch PvE Portal REVEAL

For those not wanting to go that deep down the ROVI rabbit hole and watch all our previous calls, below is a written breakdown of the critical milestones and moments that occurred over the last couple of months. Also, some major news for upcoming events.


Player Growth Chart taken during the first few weeks of LUBE earnings activation. A giant spike can be seen as soon as delegation was enabled, resulting in a rapid expansion to the overall player base. Welcome to all the new members of the RoviFam 🤖 🤖 🤖 🤖 🤖

ROVI Docs Arrive 💌

How to Navigate to ROVI Docs on MetaZone

We’ve added a new feature to the MetaZone Verses page which allows creators to display relevant documentation to support their community with in depth knowledge about the Verse. ROVI is the first project to utilize this new feature to detail the complexities of the Distributed P2E ecosystem and outline future roadmap objectives. Be sure to check it out in the link below, details are subject to change as the project evolves.

The First Glitch Enters the Metaverse 😮

The first Glitch model has been unveiled and it blew everyones mind! I think it’s safe to say that delegate players are going to own some of the most badass NFTs of the metaverse once completed. Below is a snippet from the LIVE reveal in Decentraland 👇

Max Level Glitch

Opening Hologram META for Purchase

BIG NEWS for those interested in participating in the ROVI META Host ecosystem and earn LUBE rewards. This Friday August 5th 8pm UTC, the Hologram META will be open for purchase to all! This is significant for the ecosystem as it will allow for the land location availability for Rovi digitization to expand.

In total there is a 2000 max supply of Holograms, which is a high number in META standards, however this META has such ubiquitous application and will be needed to be deployed throughout the entire metaverse if Rovies are to have enough digital real estate to support all the activity within the ecosystem.

100 Holograms are in circulation now, coming this Friday we will release the next batch of 100. The price to acquire a Hologram will be; 500 GRZ Tokens + .05 ETH

Fabrication META Utility Drop

The Fabricator META is next up to get the light switch turned on. The Fabricator was airdropped to ROVI Oracles a couple of months back, and now we are ready to enable the functionality within it introducing the ability to craft Rovi Accessory NFTs and Decentraland Wearable NFTs.

This functionality brings a whole new layer of utility to GRZ tokens, giving ecosystem participants the ability to craft valuable game assets needed for Operators to optimally perform in PvE and PvP combat.

Rovi Accessories provide the Rovies many added benefits outside of improving visual aesthetics. When a full set of 5 accessories are worn together, LUBE earnings are increased by +1 every 10 minute interval where LUBE is emitted for Rovi digitization.

Accessories will also improve a Rovies existing stats by adding a bonus when worn. Each accessory has a specific stat enhancement, meaning it can be a boost to either Battery, Defence, Strength, or Intellect. The impact of this boost is determined when the accessory is minted as it will be randomly generated (stat boost between 1–30%).

Glitch Gate PvE META Upcoming Drop

Next META airdrop to prepare for is the Glitch Gate, and likely not until end of August. The Glitch Gate will be the entry point for the Glitch Army to enter the Decentraland metaverse. Land owners who host this META along with the Hologram will facilitate the combat grounds where Rovies and Glitches meet.

Breakdown of Airdrop Tiers

  • Rovi Oracles get Lvl 1 Glitch Gate
  • Rovi Oracles with 3 Holograms get Lvl 2 Glitch Gate
  • Rovi Oracles with 3 Holgrams all at Lvl 3 get Lvl 3 Glitch Gate
  • Rovi Oracles with 3 Hologram all at Lvl 4 get Lvl 4 Glitch Gate

Glitch Gate level indicates the range of Glitch Enemies Levels that will spawn (upgrade to spawn higher lvl glitches)

Upcoming Focus

Over the course of the next few weeks, development efforts will be geared towards activating ROVI Challenges for the delegate player community to earn dXP (delegate experience points). This will be a critical new asset to the ecosystem as it grants delegate players access to Glitch NFTs which can be utilized in PvE and provide owners with new earnings potential independent of their own gameplay participation as Rovi Operators.

Glitch activation is another important milestone as it introduces GRZ sinks for the player community that give them the opportunity to progress upwards the value flow dynamics by becoming asset owners, further increasing their contributions to the ecosystem and as a result, increase value accrual.

About Rovi

Rovi is a PFP project of 10,101 unique battle bots that are playable in the metaverse running on the Polygon network. Each bot comes from MetaZone that has built a procedurally generated engine to make each bot random and unique. Rovies can battle each other to earn tokens in Decentraland and also play in the Polygon powered RoviMatrix! MetaZone is a platform that has enabled any creator to make their own 10,000 procedurally generated 3D NFT characters right from the platform and all characters will exist on the Polygon network

Become an Operator today and join our community channels to begin your path into the metaverse Twitter | Discord | Website



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